Hating Breitbart is available on Netflix instant streaming.

It covers in some detail several new media victories over the Left and their enablers in the legacy media. It starts a bit scattered, but just keeps getting better as it goes along.

Speaking of which. . . yet another false accusation (by Dana Milbank) of racism and hate completely dismantled. . . because there is a video.

Breitbart would approve.

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A Sad Anniversary

Breitbart Is Here - Poster

It has been one year since we lost Andrew Breitbart. As it should be on such a sad anniversary, our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew’s family.

This site “went dark” today and hosted only the image above on a black field. A list of other online remembrances of Andrew can be found here.

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If I Wanted America to Fail. . .

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NYT’s Piece on Breitbart

Noted in James Taranto’s column, the NYT has a piece on Breitbart.  The Weekly Standard and Mickey Kaus note some unfortunate language/sneering.

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Keep Calm. . . Breitbart Expects You To Carry On. . .

A neat take on the classic British WWII poster. . . here.

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Breitbart Childrens’ Trust

Jonah Goldberg posts word of a trust fund set up for Andrew’s children.

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‘Breitbart is Here’ at Occupy St. Louis

The “stop raping people” is just priceless.


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Sarah Palin on Breitbart

Sarah Palin:  Breitbart is Here

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“DJBreitbart” Tribute

A bunch of Andrew’s friends got together on twitter and paid homage to Andrew’s famous twitter DJ sessions.  More via Jim Treacher here.

Also, Andrew himself talking music here.

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When Andrew Came to Tucson

The Day Andrew Breitbart & Company Came to Tucson

(h/t Instapundit)

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Joy McCann – ‘Burying Breitbart’

From Conservative Commune’s Joy McCann:

But standing up to the narrative we’re being fed by the legacy media is up to all of us. Not just those who edit or write for the Bigs; not just those who live in big cities, or on the coasts. We have to point out the nakedness of the emperors all around us; we have to tell the truth. And we have to find ways to keep our own side honest without actually sowing dissent in the ranks—a balancing act Andrew was just teaching himself, and others, mere weeks before his death.

The bottom line? Don’t let them get by with lying. That’s it.

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Round-up of Breitbart Memorials. . .

A round-up of locally-organized Breitbart memorials via instapundit.

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NRO’s Jim Geraghty on Andrew. . .

A poignant (yet also fierce) column from Jim Geraghty.  A short excerpt:

. . . All of us saw the Andrew Breitbart of the web, radio, and television: pugnacious and combative, fearless and sharp, and yet cheerful and seeming to relish every moment. In his public appearances, we saw Andrew Breitbart the provocateur. But that morning, and quite a few times that week on the ship, I got to see glimpses of Andrew Breitbart the dad. I’ve joked that I wanted to see a sitcom or reality show built around the Breitbart family. His four children could very well all turn out to be mini-Andrew Breitbarts with that same spirit of mischief, that same seemingly limitless energy, that same endless reserve of laughter and fun. . .

Jim Geraghty – What Yesterday Taught Us.  Please do go and read it in its entirety.

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Missing Breitbart. . .

As Drudge is reporting, the “tapes” are starting to come out.

Breitbart.com Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak and Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro will appear on The Sean Hannity Show to discuss the tape. The full tape will be released tonight on Fox News’ Hannity.

Mr. Pollak and Mr. Shapiro will no doubt do a great job tonight.  But I’ll be cheering them on with a lump in my throat because I’ll be thinking about who would have been there this evening had fate been kinder.

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PJTV’s Trifecta: Andrew Breitbart Is Here

PJTV’s TRIFECTA:  Be Warned Mainstream Media, Andrew Breitbart Is Here

Andrew Breitbart is irreplaceable. So how can he ever be replaced? Will the passing of Breitbart take the heat off of biased media and corrupt government, or will an army of citizen journalists rise and expose injustice anywhere and everywhere? Can anyone be an Andrew Breitbart? Find out.

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Video: Washington, D.C. Memorial Service for Andrew Breitbart

Via pjtv and Helen Smith: Washington, D.C. Remembers Andrew Breitbart

Dr. Helen Smith reports from an Andrew Breitbart memorial service in Washington, D.C., where prominent politicians, bloggers and media personalities gathered to remember the energy and passion of Andrew Breitbart.

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A quick post expressing gratitude to Professor Reynolds (instapundit.com) for the “instalanche.”  Thank you!

I’ll keep posting tributes/memorials as I find them.  Anyone who finds something they feel should be posted here should definitely drop me a line!

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Breitbart’s ‘Uncommon Knowledge’ Appearances. . .

In the spirit of the Daily Caller collection of Breitbart clips linked immediately below, here is Breitbart in his two Uncommon Knowledge appearances.  Now I wonder if we could possibly convince Dennis Miller Radio to dive into their vault and make all the Breitbart guest hosting stints available (even if only to DMZ subscribers).

May 2009 – “The Politics of Hollywood”

June 2011 – “Media War”

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Daily Caller: Six Memorable Breitbart Moments

Head on over to The Daily Caller. . .

In memory of Andrew Breitbart, The Daily Caller put together a list of six videos illustrating the media mogul’s use of video to tell relevant and impactful news stories that informed the national discussion in the latter years of his life.

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More Tributes to Andrew at Ricochet

Ricochet has set aside a nook on their site to gather all their Andrew Breitbart tributes in one place.

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